Preview of the Wuthering Waves Game, You Must Know! – Wuthering Waves is the latest game from developer Kuro Game, which is a rival to Genshin Impact.

Where the game has opened the Pre-Registration period for Global, so you can register on the official website.

The first test period last month was held in the Chinese region.

And yesterday, at the Tokyo Game Show where the developer released a new trailer for the gameplay itself.

Preview of the Wuthering Waves Game, You Must Know!

We start with the video, where we can already see that the game has colors that tend to be monotonous.

Usually these colors are used in games that have an Apocalyptic theme.

Simply put, a state that describes a world that has ended but is still able to survive.

Which, in line with the story of the game itself.

Told, in the past century there was a sad event that alien creatures invaded the earth.

As well as attacking humans, and in this era of Wuthering Waves there were still people surviving.

Then, they tried to rise and rebuild their civilization.

Next, we will discuss the audio that can be deduced from this game trailer.

The effects seen from the gameplay are cool and the impact is very pronounced.

Where the sound of the clash of weapons with the enemy is very clear, and the music is also very visually supportive.

This game belongs to the Open World RPG game, which focuses on solo players.

Simply put, the game is almost like Ghensin Impact.

Where players focus on their own character, and you can determine the progress.

Then, there will be many actions that you can do when dealing with monsters.

Then, what makes this game different from its competitors is that we can do perry.

Where you can ward off or ward off enemy attacks, you can see and hear the sound of weapons clashing.

The minimum Android specifications that you must pay attention to are as follows:

Android Smartphone or Tablet with SOC Snapdragon 855, or equivalent.

It seems that this Wuthering Waves game will be a competitor to Ghensin Impact because the gameplay is almost similar.

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